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PADI Certification Buenos Aires
If you're only going to be in Buenos Aires for a short time, or you're about to go on a trip, we teach crash PADI certification courses. You can complete the course in less than one week and start enjoying this fascinating activity wherever you spend your vacation.
Do you need to be a strong swimmer to scuba dive?
  No, not at all. All you need is to move around in the water with confidence. Style and speed don't matter.  
I have no experience. Which course should I do first?

The best choice would be to start with OPEN WATER DIVER (See Info) This course consists of 5 three-hour practical and theory lessons. This grants you a license to scuba dive anywhere in the world together with a diving buddy of any level, who does not need to be an instructor: your buddy can be any certified diver of your same level (friend, partner, shipmate).

If I start the SCUBA DIVER course, can I switch to OPEN WATER?
  Yes, you just take the two remaining lessons.  
What are the days and hours of your classes ?
  The standard course is a weekly class from 8 to 11 p.m.
If you're leaving on vacation and in a hurry to complete the course, you can speed up your studies by more taking more than a class a week or private classes. Classes are taught all year round and a new course begins almost every week.
Where are classes held?
BUENOS AIRES BUCEO is located in the city of Buenos Aires, Nuñez neighborhood, at Av. Libertador 7395.
Are the practices and theory classes held at the same location ?
  YES. BUENOS AIRES BUCEO is a very big and modern sport club with an indoor heated pool, comfortable classrooms and locker-rooms. There you will find all you need to practice and learn the theory.  
Will I need special equipment ?
  BAB - BUENOS AIRES BUCEO will provide you with all the necessary equipment for you to practice and train (over a USD 1500 value in equipment per student), including unlimited air refills. There are no hidden fees for equipment rentals or air refills.  
What should I bring with me ?
  Your bathing suit, a towel and most importantly, the desire to have a good time.  
Is scuba diving safe ?
  Under PADI standards, recreational diving is extremely safe. Scuba diving has the lowest accident rate of any sport. During the course we'll teach you all the safety rules, and train you in all the necessary skills to dive comfortable and safely.  
What's the minimum age to take diving course?
  You can take a SKIN DIVER course at age 8 and the SCUBA DIVER course at age 10.  
I'm 70 years old. Can I take a scuba diving course ?
  The only requirement for scuba diving is good health and the desire to have a good time. There is no age limit.  
How many students are there to a class ?
  Classes are made up of 3 to 6 students, so the instructor and the Divemaster can give each student their complete attention. Also, you can get to know your classmates and have a great time.  
When and how can I travel to get my certification ?
  BUENOS AIRES BUCEO organizes monthly trips so that you can certify the courses you have taken. Look in the TRIPS section to find all the information, itineraries and rates of our excursions. You can also certify with a PADI Instructor anywhere you go on vacation or in your country . All you need is a referral from us, which states that you passed the course. .  

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