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Península de Valdés
(Minimum duration: 1 day)
Peninsula Valdez

The Ameghino isthmus is the gateway to the Valdés Peninsula Integral Fauna Reserve.

PUNTA NORTE: its sea lion colony has the highest reproduction rate in summer; the qualities of this beach induce orcas to beach themselves here intentionally.

CALETA VALDES : a natural channel harboring varied terrestrial and marine fauna. Observatory of marine elephants.
PUNTA DELGADA : High cliffs, wide panoramic view and a colony of elephant seals.
Puerto Pirámides
(Minimum duration: half a day)
Patagonia Valdes

A tourist village of 200 year-round inhabitants, where frank whales can be seen. A sea lion colony is located 5 Km away, where in summer single hair sea lions can be viewed.

Punta Pardelas Twelve km away is Punta Pardelas, an excellent spot for scuba diving and fishing. You can also go hiking along the ridges that border the beach.

Punta Tombo
(Minimum duration: 1 day)

This penguin colony constitutes the biggest continental Magellan penguin reserve, where hundreds of thousands of them can be seen.

To get here, you need to travel 70 Km of asphalt and drive 107 km of gravel roads, but it is worth the trip.

(Minimum duration: half a day)

Located by the Chubut River, it is characterized by typical Welsh architecture. Its traditional Welsh tea with exquisite cakes, tarts and homemade bread is a classic to enjoy.

Trelew (Circuit Trelew - Rawson - Playa Unión)
(Minimum duration: half a day)

After traveling 65 Km along National Route 3, one arrives to Trelew. Take Route 25 to get to Rawson, the capital of Chubut Province. Playa Union is 5 Km further, an idyllic resort to enjoy the summer with lots of activities to choose from.

Dique Ameghino
(Minimum duration: 1 day)

On the riverside, the vegetation and the color of the Chubut River create the perfect landscape for resting and communing with nature.

All year round is set for adventure:
rafting, rock climbing, hiking, photo safaris and trout fishing in the swirls of the river.

Take Route 3 southbound, turn onto Route 25 towards Esquel.


BAB - Buenos Aires Buceo
Where Diving is Passion.

Buenos Aires - Argentina
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BAB- BUENOS AIRES BUCEO - Underwater Photography