Puerto Madryn
Best Diving Sites
Punta Este (Depth: 5-10 meters): a colorful sandbar, highly populated with fish, plants and immense anemones. There lives a very strange species commonly known as "piglet of the sea" (chanchita del mar), and you can also spot salmon, escrófalos, white Seabream, sole, among others.
Albatros (Depth: 22-28 meters): a 27-meter long fishing boat was sunk for scuba practice, and is still intact. Giant salmon, Turkey fish and tube anemones can be observed. Colorful incrustations and invertebrates, particularly those in the ship's cabin, are the greatest attraction. Also night diving here is Madryn's best. Because the ship's keel is 22 to 28 meters deep, an advanced level is required; beginners are allowed to reach the deck.
Folias (Depth: 7-11 meters): A classic. There's a 70-meter fishing ship which sank in the early 80's, but its years at the bottom of the ocean has not eroded its charm. It lies on its starboard side. Its huge mast juts out of its structure. Perhaps the most colorful diving site, its presents abundant flora and incrustations. The best moment to dive is high tide. Don't miss the huge brass helix.
Salmonera Punta Cuevas (Depth: 20-24 meters): typical environment, populated by salmon. Specimens weighing up to 15-20 kg have been sighted. Another species of this location is the great red octopus, which can weigh up to 4 kg and measure up to 70 cm.
Las Piedras (Depth: 3-8 meters): a sandbar well populated with fish and invaded by an Asian algae known as Undaria pinnatifida.

It is perfect to observe how the environment can be affected by the invasion of a species.
Unique for the great diversity of colorful polyps that carpet its ledges.
A great number of salmon, Turkey fish and groupers is viewed here
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